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One of the easiest tricks to learn is making a coin, or small object disappear and reappear. Hold the coin visibly between your thumb and forefinger. Now put it into your other hand and close your fist tightly. Don’t actually put it into that hand, secretly palm it in your original hand but direct your attention to the fake hand. The audience will follow your lead and believe the coin is in that hand. Now you can say the magic words (anything you want) and show your empty hand. Since the coin is still in the other hand is can easily be made to reappear. Practice it before showing it to anyone for the best effect.

You have just learned a magic trick, but do magicians really simply trick their audience? Or do they have a hidden knowledge of the occult?

Knowledge is discovered everyday. The belief in the occult is really just the belief in an unknown or unseen force that is sensed by many. A skilled magician is more likely to know the best ways to deceive an audience, rather than a secret knowledge of supernatural forces. Many sorcerers and mages were most likely very similar to today’s entertaining magicians. Imagine when Europeans arrived in the new world. Their inventions and knowledge surely made the Native Americans think they had magical abilities. Any technology that is far enough advanced will appear to be magic to someone who does not understand it.
The best way to learn magic is from another magician. The problem is that a magician has sworn not to share their knowledge except to other magicians. That makes it very difficult for someone who is not a magician to become one. Someone who is learning how to perform tricks should master the simple tricks they can before showing those tricks to another magician. Only then is it possible for another magician to teach their tricks. The tricks have to be performed perfectly with no mistakes or else there is a danger that the illusion will be compromised or discovered making it less appealing. Books and especially videos are some of the best ways to start to learn magic.

One easy magic trick is pulling cards out of thin air. This trick should be practiced in front of a mirror to see how the audience should view it. A small stack of cards is in the palm of the hand but blocked from the view of the audience. The magician uses their thumb to slide a card up into view while mimicking a grabbing motion. It looks like the card was grabbed from thin air. This can be repeated over and over for a funny effect.

Another easy magic trick that can be performed at a bar is actually not a magic trick at all but it sure could get a laugh. Ask to borrow a $20 bill from someone to fold into a matchbook, and then show them that you are putting another $20 bill in there. Fold it up and say you will sell it to them for $30 and congratulate them on their win. It is recommended to leave quickly before they realize they just paid $10 for a matchbook. 

Magicians performed feats for the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and Greek and Roman markets were full of magic performers. The Age of Enlightenment disrupted many magicians’ routines as people became demystified because of science, but this never ended its appeal and actually improved many tricks because of this new science. 

Easy magic tricks are fun for everyone. Another bar trick is to make a cigarette appear to move because of static electricity. The magician charges their finger with static electricity by rubbing their sleeve. A cigarette on the table appears to be repelled by the magician’s finger, but it is actually the magician blowing the cigarette across the table.

Magic is about having fun and impressing friends and acquaintances. It breaks the ice and can start some really interesting social interactions.



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