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There are magic supplies for every age and ability level, however most are designed for the beginner or young magician. They have much simpler tricks than those performed by professional magicians, but they are tricks that are important for every magician to know. These are the type of tricks that can be performed by children and adults alike.

Magic supplies should contain a variety of items as well as information about how to use those tools. Some of the most popular tools used by magicians are cards, which are often just regular playing cards, handkerchiefs which can be easily hidden, tied together a juggled, and small balls and coins which can be made to disappear, or seem that way at least. 

Another common item found in magic supplies is a magic wand. A trick wand often has a space inside where objects, foam balls and handkerchiefs can be hidden, or it can appear to grow or shrink. The way the magician introduces and performs the trick is the key the entertaining the audience, it should feel natural not forced.



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