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One of the best ways to learn new magic tricks is with a magic video. The video is not imbibed with supernatural powers of its own, but it does contain the information that can make a magician appear to have supernatural powers. They show everything from simple sleight of hand tricks, to more complex tricks and much larger deceptions. 

A magic video can also be designed merely to entertain. Many famous magicians have made videos of their performances for greater public viewing. Every performance is filmed in front of an audience, so the viewer can rest assured that special effects are not used. Some magicians such as Penn and Teller make their videos to show how magicians perform their tricks, to the dismay of many professional magicians. 

Although a magic video can demystify a trick for the viewer, it also shows people how to create more elaborate tricks that won’t be discovered so easily. Many theories abound about how magicians have completed their tricks, and some are lost in time, while some are revealed after the magician’s death.



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